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About Us

John Payne is Chairman and CEO of the company he founded, PURELIFE Health Sciences Group, LLC. John has a team of scientific researchers and doctors throughout the world specializing in the prevention and long-term reversal of critical health conditions caused by metabolic disorders in the body.

John’s research has been privately funded at a cost of over 70 million dollars and has taken nearly 3 decades to accomplish. This means there has been no outside influence to steer the research one way or the other to satisfy some vested interest.

During these years, John and his team made a number of important findings regarding the importance of nutrition on health and longevity. They were particularly interested in forwarding research on how nutrition can alter gene expression. 

As a therapeutic solutions provider, PURELIFE Health Sciences Group focuses on the development of nutraceuticals based on the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. Over the years, significant research has been done to identify genetically compatible sources of nutrition that support human health. 

The range of nutraceuticals developed has been tested over time and is based on clinical results. Every ingredient is backed by scientific research and evidence and has been clinically tested.

PURELIFE Health Sciences Group developed the Teknon Protocol based on research that showed metabolic disorders and gut issues can be underlying causes of children’s health issues.

Every ingredient in the Teknon Protocol is a 100% natural, genetically compatible source of nutrition.

The highest quality, natural ingredients are sourced from around the world. 

Children from England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia are currently using the Teknon Protocol.

Nutra Wellness, LLC, was created to make high quality nutritional products widely available to practitioners and consumers.

The founders of Nutra Wellness, LLC, have a strong commitment to natural healthcare as they also provide nutritional training to healthcare practitioners through a sister company.

With their common purpose of helping adults and children improve their health through nutrition, PURELIFE Health Sciences Group and Nutra Wellness partnered to make the Teknon Protocol widely available.


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