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Spectrum Care+/Metabolic Boost


Provides comprehensive, concentrated nutrition
Supports optimum metabolism
Contains PQQ to help mitochondria work more efficiently
Contains probiotics to support gut health.

    Spectrum Care+/Metabolic Boost is a 100% natural plant-based supplement and is formulated with ingredients that support processes within the cells but also help to control them, thereby creating a healthy metabolic system for a healthy body.

    Spectrum Care+/Metabolic Boost is a powder formula that makes a pleasant-tasting drink. It’s an easy, convenient way to provide the comprehensive nutrition the body needs to function at its best.

    Omega 3, Turmeric (Curcumin), Probiotics, and PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) are just a few of the natural, beneficial ingredients in this proprietary formula designed to support optimum metabolism and gut health.

    Among the many ingredients in this formula providing superior health support is an extra special one, natural PQQ. PQQ helps the mitochondria, the energy powerhouses in the cells, work more efficiently. An exciting finding emerged from a study published in 2010 which demonstrated that not only did PQQ protect the mitochondria from damage, but it could also stimulate the growth of brand-new mitochondria. (11)

    At the core of this exclusive formulation is Cellinfusion™ Technology which increases absorption 3.4 times to provide maximum bioavailability and potency of the nutrients at the cellular level to achieve optimum results. 

    This product was formulated to support optimum metabolism, including normal blood sugar levels, and gut health, in adults. It was subsequently found that the same formulation could support optimum metabolism and gut health when used with children and young adults.



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