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Weedkillers Damage Kids' Livers, May Ruin Health

Weedkillers Damage Kids' Livers, May Ruin Health - Spectrum Care Plus

This article was written by Winston Kao, Natural Health Researcher, Inventor & Educator

“Once upon a time, environmental activism rightly focused on chemical pollution and the need to reduce or eliminate poisons such as DDT.

“Unfortunately, the more recent fixation on carbon dioxide (which is not a pollutant) in the name of reducing "climate change" has allowed some of the worst chemical polluters to continue their toxic assault on the planet. A case in point: herbicides (weedkillers).

“Research published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives reveals that glyphosate, main ingredient in the Roundup weedkiller, presents increased risks of liver damage and metabolic disorders in kids.

“The liver performs many vital functions: 

  • Removes toxins,
  • Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels,
  • Breaks down fats and makes them usable,
  • Prepares vitamins to be absorbed,
  • Fights infections,
  • Maintains proper fluid pressure,
  • Rids the body of ammonia produced in the intestines,
  • Creates vital cholesterol (building-block of vitamin D, enzymes and hormones).

“A total loss of liver function would result in a swift death. Partial loss of function can cause serious and lasting disease. Metabolic disorders caused by exposure to glyphosate in early life may lead to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and more.

“One area of great concern has been the explosion of both child and adult obesity in the several decades since Roundup became the #1 herbicide used in the U.S. Previous studies as well as lawsuits have determined that glyphosate causes cancer; now the metabolic impacts of this poison are coming to light as well.

“In broad testing of the general population, glyphosate has been detected in the majority of samples taken.

“As parents, you want the best for children. I can tell you this: if you're not seriously policing what your kids are eating and drinking and where they are playing and hanging out, you're placing them at risk. 

  • Eat organic foods whenever possible!
  • Filter your water to remove glyphosate.
  • Find out what your school's grounds-keeping department is using on their lawns. If they're using Roundup or any of the generic brands which contain glyphosate, raise the issue at the next school board meeting and get this eliminated.
  • Do you live near a golf course? Investigate and find out what chemicals they are using. Some parents have actually moved just to get away from the poisons.

Children (and adults) deserve better treatment than that which mainstream companies are dishing out. Open your eyes and do all you can to withdraw your support from the poison-for-profit gang."

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