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The Healthiest Foods for Your Family

The Healthiest Foods for Your Family - Spectrum Care Plus

Dr. Weston A. Price traveled around the world in the 1930s and 40s to study the health of people eating their native or traditional diets, and what happened when refined white flour and sugar was added.

His book “Diet and Physical Degeneration” is revered among traditional Nutritionists who recommend whole food diets to maintain optimal health and avoid chronic disease. See for more information.

This list of the healthiest foods to eat was compiled by Dr. Price as a result of his research:

  1.  Butter from grass-fed cows (preferably organic raw butter)
  2.  Oysters
  3.  Liver from grass-fed animals
  4.  Eggs from organic free-range hens
  5.  Cod liver oil
  6.  Fish eggs
  7.  Bone broth (see Weston Price website for information on preparation)
  8.  Wild salmon
  9.  Whole organic yogurt or kefir
  10.  Beef from grass-fed steers
  11.  Sauerkraut
  12.  Organic Beets.

These foods provide concentrated nutrients needed for cellular health.

The cells of the brain and nervous system have a sheath around them, composed of 80% fat and 20% protein. This protects the cell, allows the transmission of nerve impulses and a path for regeneration in case of injury. Loss of this sheath is a marker of many degenerative diseases. So, eating the right kind and amount of healthy fats and protein are protective of these cells.

Heart disease barely existed before 1900, when people ate lard (animal fat), real butter, and plenty of animal protein. Margarine requires the use of metals such as aluminum and nickel in order to make the vegetable oil solid in a process called “hydrogenation”. Many other chemicals and flavor enhancers are added. This is not a “natural” food.

In 460 BC, Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

What is “junk” food?

Junk food is food that has little or no nutritional value. If you want your family to be healthy, 90% of the food you eat must have nutrients that repair and rebuild the cells of the body.

What really determines the health of the body is how many healthy cells you have. Healthy cells withstand attacks from bacteria, viruses, fungus and toxins like chemicals and metals. The health of cells determines cancer risk because healthy cells reproduce healthy new cells, not mutants that form tumors.

The mental and physical health of your family is affected strongly by the foods they eat.

High quality, nutrient-dense food can be delicious. Think fine French, Italian and Spanish cuisine.  

Junk food may provide momentary pleasure but then lets you and your family down by piling on fat and loading on chemicals.

Now’s the time to discover whole foods, organic foods and free-range foods. By eating more nutrient-rich food, many people find themselves free of cravings for the first time ever. The human body is very susceptible to habits. Eating natural, farm-raised foods can become a new habit that has enormous health benefits.

And don’t be surprised if you find that health conditions that you considered chronic or “normal” start to drop away. You and your family can feel better.

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