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Success Videos - Helping Children with Camel Milk

Success Videos - Helping Children with Camel Milk - Spectrum Care Plus

There are good reasons for camel milk being used as part of the Spectrum Care+ Protocol. 

Camel milk provides excellent nutrition to help children achieve more optimum health.

Here are some video successes from natural healthcare practitioners and a mom who have used camel milk with children.

Raelynn Torzone of Natural Benefits in Annapolis, MD, shares her results using Camelicious with a 20-year-old man with a history of limited speech, and a boy with behavioral issues.


Dr. Leanne Fuchs of Apple a Day Nutrition in Decatur, IL speaks about her experience using Camelicious camel milk with a young patient who was withdrawn and had difficulty expressing emotions. 


Betsy McCarthy's 7-year-old daughter is high functioning autistic. Betsy speaks about the changes she noticed in her daughter after she started drinking Camelicious camel milk. She saw changes in her daughter's level of affection, her attention span and her communication skills.


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