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The Superpower of Cellinfusion Technology

The Superpower of Cellinfusion Technology

Our bodies are incredible machines and require a vast range of nutrients.

Today, our food supply is nutritionally deficient and is generally highly processed. So, people are turning to nutritional supplements in order to fill the gaps in nutritional intake for themselves and their family.

The efficacy (the ability to produce a desired or intended result) of a nutritional supplement depends on how easily the nutritional elements can pass across cell membranes. These nutritional elements need to access targeted sites within the cell, be absorbed, and interact with all cellular components, including a minimum of 4,000 working enzymes.

So, are we actually getting the nutrition we need by taking supplements? Are they easily and effectively absorbed? The answer is generally, “No”. They don’t absorb efficiently to be utilized at the cellular level.

Enter, Cellinfusion™ Technology

During our many years of research, an ingredient was identified, based on natural necessary fatty acids, that increases absorption at the cellular level by 3.4 times. A study was done at Boston College that confirmed the increased level of absorption of this ingredient.

We developed a natural technology around this ingredient, called Cellinfusion™Technology. We utilize this technology in the Spectrum Care+/Metabolic Boost nutraceutical formula to increase absorption of the ingredients 3.4 times. This provides maximum bioavailability, potency and efficacy to deliver the best possible nutritional benefit and best value for money.

Spectrum Care+/Metabolic Boost is a result of many years of research and  ingredient testing to create a natural, nutritional formula that can help support optimum metabolism and gut health. The team of research scientists who worked on the formulation found that for ideal health our bodies need high quality nutritional extracts from natural, whole foods. Additionally, it was discovered that ideal nutrition comes from ancient plant-based food sources as these are genetically compatible with our body.

So, that is what we utilize to provide the very best in nutritional extracts and ingredients in Spectrum Care+/Metabolic Boost.

And, with Cellinfusion™ Technology, you can be confident in optimum absorption and utilization of the nutritional ingredients to support better health and wellness, and provide better value for money.

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